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Scam Alert

We can’t go around condemning all people who claim to be dealers for Ayurvedic Urea with Exaggerating Prices, but we can only speak on our behalf and on the behalf of Pharmacies which have signed Agreements to Redistribute our products in their states without tempering with its package, and these pharmacies include;

Benzo Pharmacy
Drugs for Health Pharmacy
Green Stone Pharmacy
Drug Mart Pharmacy

And any of these pharmacies License to sell our products must be verified through us, just to confirm and in case you wish to buy from them in your state, you must contact them through their official website, inside the pharmacy and not through ads posted online.

Also, We have spent years building a solid reputation among medical patients and as medical personnel who have been practicing for years, we know what it means for someone to go for an extra day without their medication not forgetting that we swear to sacrifice our time and life in saving others.

It is always so hurting to know that someone who is having a health problem, ends up not getting a solution to their health, but rather loosing their money and shall not stop at any point in giving our expertise support in apprehending any people who try to robe people of their hard earned money. We do also have special relations with the FBI and Interpol investigating cyber crime and related issues especially in our field and we have recorded a couple of successful cases.

Thus, you can feel free to report any cases if you have been a victim before and we shall do our best in assisting you recover your lost funds without any cost attached.


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