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Charles Benson

I found a website online claiming to be the official website of Ayurvedic Urea based in Nepal. I actually had bad feelings about them because the website was never up and running as is suppose to be. Also according to the research I did Ayurvedic Urea is of Indian origin not Nepal. So I doubted how it could be produced in Nepal. They said If I’m buying from anywhere I should see a UIC or serial number and give them. All dealers I found online claimed nothing existed as UIC number. But as foolish as I was, I was fouled into believing they are the only legit producers of Ayurvedic Urea. I paid for the medicine and never received it till today. Earlier this year, my Uncle who plays the NBA visited and heard the sad story and then introduced me to Benzo Pharmacy. He claimed a lot of NBA players used the medicine and most bought it from Benzo Pharmacy. So I decided to call my cousin studying i india and she contacted the official Company and they referred me to Benzo Pharmacy where I purchased within the USA. Three days later my medicine arrived and had a user manual in it and a number to call Dr. Bernard which I did. Felt so happy with the support and constant follow up I had through out the period I used the medicine. And now I’m taller and can freely walk around with my friends now. I’m really happy and Thanks Uncle Ricky

Becky Johnson

I grew up hoping someday I was gonna grow taller then as the years went by no change and it left me almost half broken. My cousin had same problem. His dad told us about his plans of trying the Ayurvedic Urea. By then I’ve never heard of it. So I did some research and first website that came up, was your site, I tried finding out and was not comfortable buying anything online. My cousin’s dad was ready to take the risk and bought for his son, after two months I saw my cousin and could not believe it was him, so I pleaded for my Uncle to place an order on my behalf and that’s how I got the medicine. Dr. Bernard called me a day later after I received the medicine and guided me on a few diet and dosage and I’m really glad I could grow taller again.

Ricky James

I use to feel so bad as the only short person among my siblings. Felt like it was some sort of curse on me. One day Dad came home and whispered to my ear that he found the solution to my height problem. Then sent me the link to this Drug Mart Pharmacy. It took me some time to do my research and findings, and we finally decided to buy the product and today I have a smile on my face feeling like any other human being. Feels sick being short. Thanks Dr. Tracy for all the help through out my period using the medicine. I’m happily married today with three kids

Jack Carlson

Dr Bernard, you are truly a God sent medical Doctor. Lived in Russia all my life and never purchased anything from the USA online. But when I heard of a possibility of a medicine that could help me increase my height I was so interested. So I called my cousin who lived in the USA to find out for me and he did visit the Benzo Pharmacy – Ayurvedic Urea Approved seller of the medicine, and met Dr. Bernard. After concluding I made up my mind to buy. Though my tracking number said I was going to receive my medicine in a weeks time, it only arrived 3 days later. Transit delays. I saw the manual, called and the Dr responded. My treatment all began and I won’t be putting this review if I was not taller. I’m 6 inch taller now and this is amazing, great what Benzo Pharmacy is doing. Thanks again

James Vic

You won’t imagine the trauma I went through especially when my Fiance had to turn me down because of the mockeries from her Friends. I was so disappointed. But Thanks to my Uncle who was a Medical Doctor in the States who told my Dad about the Medicine, and we sent him money to make the purchase. It took about a week for the reach us. I was closely followed up by Dr. Bernard and today I’m so happy and can feel like anyone else.

Micheal Adams

I had a very bad experience growing up as the shortest person in the family, my siblings and cousins, took it as an opportunity picking on me, and I have always been scared, and it did affect me psychologically.

The only person who was really concerned about my situation was my mom, she never gave up kept encouraging me to be cool. And finally she surprised me when she told me of Ayurvedic Urea Recommended to her by Dr. James where she was undergoing her cancer care. We opened the website given to us by Dr. James and lucky for us, one of the approved pharmacies to sell Ayurvedic Urea was in our city – Benzo Pharmacy. We went there, and after consultation with the Dr. Morgan, I was considered qualified to use the medicine. Then that’s how we purchased Ayurvedic Urea and Dr Morgan followed up with the process and today, I’m taller and can go a round my normal life like every other person. Feels like a Heavy stone lifted off your head.

Christiano Vargas

Hello, my name is Christiano Vargas from Argentina. I had the $10000 herb version of ayurvedic urea  for 26 months and all I gained was 3.5 inches height. I recommend everyone to Please choose powder or liquid because the herb making process is complicated a lot and you have to freeze it every time in your freezer. 2 years is a long time to stick with herb. Avoiding beers for 2 years is really harder.

Anonymous User

This is planet’s legit height increase fu– actually works guy whopping 1 inch 3 times incredible item. With this particular product 10000 price isn’t okay it should be somewhere around 50000 for a 1 inch and they need to make it someplace around precisely the same cost of thighs surgery. Incredible!


This Ayurvedic Urea stuff is a real breakthrough and therefore I can understand why government restriction is that there… I believe the governments are letting them market but at a very restricted manner not over 100-200 bundles every year. Also the governments do not need them to lower the purchase price and make it accessible to ordinary peoples. I can imagine the scenario of everyone being taller by using Ayurvedic Urea that would be a worst case situation.


Hey I am Adam from California. I have tested the 1″ sample and the result was exceptional(3.5 centimeters within 13 days, total dose 8500 grams). This is how legitimate the dhatrumurgasiniy/ayurvedicurea herb is. Not trying to sell anything, just posting my honest review.

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