Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid


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Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid

Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid is world’s first legitimate height increasing and grow taller product which works guaranteed without any side effects on anyone who falls under 13-45 age group including transgender but is to some extent restricted to HIV victims and/or dwarfs.

More about Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid

Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid

Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid is the world’s first Legit grow taller and height increasing medicine that is of Indian origin. The Medicine, is a purely natural medicine and has been used by thousands, with 100% effective satisfying results with no side effects. The medicine is produced with earth’s rarest herb, which is know as Dhatrumurgasiniy. As a result of its scarcity, the medicine has become very expensive. In 2008, the Benzo Family, a Sino-American Research Company sign a partnership with Indian’s Bhutan local producing Firm to research and improve the production of Ayurvedic Urea. In 2010, we complete the process, and the Local Bhutan Indian Firm, was transformed into a Standard Research Center and manufacturing lab for Ayurvedic Urea. Today, the Medicine is strictly produced under our supervision and there are only a few Licensed distributors in the world. We are currently the sole and official Producer and seller of Ayurvedic Urea in India and the USA. Though there are some minor local traditional practices that still exist, which cannot be controlled, but as at now, we are the sole manufacturers of ayurvedic Urea at Industrial Level that can be sold. The Medicine is produced and marketed in two Forms. Liquid and Powder. The medicine does not exist in tablet or capsule form, and any claims of that should be reported to us. As the official producer of Ayurvedic Urea, we have Licensed a few Pharmacies in the USA, through the Drug Enforcement Administration authorizing them to seller the Medicine. Some of them might charge prices higher than those on our website, based on their States or location.
Based on our Research the medicine cannot be used by every body, thus there a few conditions that have been set based on our Research and experiments over the years to determine who is Eligible to use the Medicine.

1) You must be between the Ages of 13 years and 45 years.
2) You must not be HIV positive.
3) You must not be a dwarf.

The forceful use of the medicine without qualifying as mentioned above might result to some unexpected reactions on your body which cannot be predetermined and we shall not be responsible.

When you purchase Ayurvedic Urea, the medicine comes with a complete user manual. Once you receive your Medicine one of our specialized doctors, will give you a call while you have the medicine and manual in hand, and will guide you more on consumption and dosage. You shall also, receive medical follow up by one of our professional doctors, through out the process, till you achieve you desire height increase.



7 Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid

  1. Victor Singapore

    I tried placing my order, but it won’t let me, they asking me to contact you to confirm if you can ship to my location. I’m in Singapore, and its my first time buying from you. I already sent you an email, hoping to hear from you. Thanks

  2. Rodrique

    Quand j’ai parlé à mon père du médicament, il n’était pas d’accord, il a dit que si je pouvais apporter une preuve, il l’achèterait pour moi. Nous regardions le paquet de 10 pouces. J’ai personnellement dû voyager de Marseille France à Baltimore Maryland où se trouvait la pharmacie. Mon père était tellement surpris que je pouvais aller aussi loin. Il a transféré les fonds à la pharmacie, j’ai alors décidé de rendre visite à mon oncle dans le Colorado. J’y vis pendant l’été avant de retourner en France. Avant de revenir, j’avais remarqué des changements importants. Je suis fier de témoigner de l’efficacité de ce médicament. Cela fait maintenant trois ans, aucun effet secondaire.

  3. Jackie Melbourne Australia

    The first Time I head of ayurvedic Urea It was in a Forum, I was searching Online to Find where I could get a solution to my height problem. As a result, I came across this forum that required a lot of verification, A lot of people talked of how effective Ayurvedic Urea was and I told my dad about it, We decided to try our the 2inch sample package, and after using it, I was so impessed, and We just bought the 4 inch pack and I’m currently using it.

  4. Rozette

    In my prayers, I asked God so many times why he had to create me short? I prayed for change yet nothing, I almost gave up in my faith but mom, kept on telling me, that everything has got a reason. I decided to research to see how I can grow taller, I joined a few trusted forums online, and that’s how i heard of Ayurvedic Urea. I had the opportunity to talk to a few people who have purchased from them before. Was opportune to see their pictures when they were still short like i use to be. Was more like a family, I mas then motivated to give it a trial. Lucky for me, everything worked out for me and I’m so proud of myself.

  5. Eric Lance

    My son is 12, and I really had wished if he could use the medicine. Must he wait till 13 to use the medicine, or can one of your doctors, talk to me and lets see if we can find a way out? Waiting for your response. Thanks bmnbrianmoore@gmail.com send me an email.

    • Ayurvedic Urea

      We have sent you and email. We shall also give you a call as soon as we get your reply. Thanks

  6. Becky Johnson

    I grew up hoping someday I was gonna grow taller then as the years went by no change and it left me almost half broken. My cousin had same problem. His dad told us about his plans of trying the Ayurvedic Urea. By then I’ve never heard of it. So I did some research and first website that came up, was your site, I tried finding out and was not comfortable buying anything online. My cousin’s dad was ready to take the risk and bought for his son, after two months I saw my cousin and could not believe it was him, so I pleaded for my Uncle to place an order on my behalf and that’s how I got the medicine. Dr. Bernard called me a day later after I received the medicine and guided me on a few diet and dosage and I’m really glad I could grow taller again.

  7. Charles Benson

    I found a website online claiming to be the official website of Ayurvedic Urea based in Nepal. I actually had bad feelings about them because the website was never up and running as is suppose to be. Also according to the research I did Ayurvedic Urea is of Indian origin not Nepal. So I doubted how it could be produced in Nepal. They said If I’m buying from anywhere I should see a UIC or serial number and give them. All dealers I found online claimed nothing existed as UIC number. But as foolish as I was, I was fouled into believing they are the only legit producers of Ayurvedic Urea. I paid for the medicine and never received it till today. Earlier this year, my Uncle who plays the NBA visited and heard the sad story and then introduced me to Benzo Pharmacy. He claimed a lot of NBA players used the medicine and most bought it from Benzo Pharmacy. So I decided to call my cousin studying i india and she contacted the official Company and they referred me to Benzo Pharmacy where I purchased within the USA. Three days later my medicine arrived and had a user manual in it and a number to call Dr. Bernard which I did. Felt so happy with the support and constant follow up I had through out the period I used the medicine. And now I’m taller and can freely walk around with my friends now. I’m really happy and Thanks Uncle Ricky

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