Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches Liquid


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Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches Liquid

Ayurvedic Urea 6 inch is world’s first legitimate height increasing and grow taller product which works guaranteed without any side effects on anyone who falls under 13-45 age group including transgender but is to some extent restricted to HIV victims and/or dwarfs.

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Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches Liquid

Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches Liquid is the world’s first Legit grow taller and height increasing medicine that is of Indian origin. The Medicine, is a purely natural medicine and has been used by thousands, with 100% effective satisfying results with no side effects. The medicine is produced with earth’s rarest herb, which is know as Dhatrumurgasiniy. As a result of its scarcity, the medicine has become very expensive. In 2008, the Benzo Family, a Sino-American Research Company sign a partnership with Indian’s Bhutan local producing Firm to research and improve the production of Ayurvedic Urea. In 2010, we complete the process, and the Local Bhutan Indian Firm, was transformed into a Standard Research Center and manufacturing lab for Ayurvedic Urea. Today, the Medicine is strictly produced under our supervision and there are only a few Licensed distributors in the world. We are currently the sole and official Producer and seller of Ayurvedic Urea in India and the USA. Though there are some minor local traditional practices that still exist, which cannot be controlled, but as at now, we are the sole manufacturers of Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches at Industrial Level that can be sold.

The Medicine is produced and marketed in two Forms. Liquid and Powder. The medicine does not exist in tablet or capsule form, and any claims of that should be reported to us. As the official producer of Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches, we have Licensed a few Pharmacies in the USA, through the Drug Enforcement Administration authorizing them to seller the Medicine. Some of them might charge prices higher than those on our website, based on their States or location.
Based on our Research the medicine cannot be used by every body, thus there a few conditions that have been set based on our Research and experiments over the years to determine who is Eligible to use the Medicine.

1) You must be between the Ages of 13 years and 45 years.
2) You must not be HIV positive.
3) You must not be a dwarf.

The forceful use of the medicine without qualifying as mentioned above might result to some unexpected reactions on your body which cannot be predetermined and we shall not be responsible. Thus to purchase the Medicine, we expect you to send justification for the above mentioned conditions.

When you purchase Ayurvedic Urea, the medicine comes with a complete user manual. Once you receive your Medicine one of our specialized doctors, will give you a call while you have the medicine and manual in hand, and will guide you more on consumption and dosage. You shall also, receive medical follow up by one of our professional doctors, through out the process, till you achieve you desire height increase.

26 Customer Reviews

26 reviews for Ayurvedic Urea 6 inches Liquid

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  3. Derick PA

    My sorrow is over. He who ever discovered this medicine deserves special blessings from God. It has changed my life. Thanks

  4. Jason Kendhal

    Please can someone call me. I started noticing significant changes in my height, got to excited and stopped using my medicine for almost a week now. Please I need to know if its Ok for me to continue from where I ended? Please Answer me, thanks

  5. Leke Cynthia

    I don’t know how to express the joy in my heart. Its like boys didn’t like me, being short is curse. No guy in my class wanted to make friends with me. I begged my dad to buy this medicine for me. I will always write a review anywhere I see anything that concerns you.

  6. Mathew

    It really sounded funny asking me to do an HIV test for my 16 years old son, I had received the manual they sent to me via DHL, was ready to pay for the medicine but they won’t accept my money without me doing an HIV test for my son. It was disturbing. Anyway my son is taller now, thought it wise to leave a Rview

  7. Astrid Jackson

    Medicine was good. got to me and I’m tall, Please I have just want problem, if you can always consult FedEx to be sure of shipping times it will be nice. I knew I was to wait for a week, but it too extra three days to get to me. I was so mad, you know when you spend this huge you are very impatient. Sorry for being rude, but I’m currently using my medicine now. I will write another review when I finish using it. Best regards, Astrid

  8. Elias Rene

    I spent most of my life in the UK. Buying a medicine with that much money from USA was a burden to me. I spoke to the customer support and they took time to explain things to me and I found it convincing, To me I was risking my money in case if i loose it. Good for me, I’m happily tall and I choose to share.

  9. Jobe Karl

    My process was pretty faster. I know someone who had used the medicine and was taller. I had to wait for like 6 months to see if anything was to change on her, but she was ok and even happy and finally i decided to buy. I never needed them sending me the manual, because that was gonna have me waiting for a while for no good reason. So I was sure my HIV was negative, i even sent the last test results and that’s how I paid for my medicine, and in a weeks time I got it. I’m taller and I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is going through the trauma I went through, being short feels like it was a curse.

  10. Hangwani Nelson

    Hope you remember me. I bought from South Africa. I grew taller. My Uncle is considering buying for his son. I hope you will soon hear from him. thank you so much.

  11. Malcom L. Frenso

    I just received a call from the courier service in my city. I’m super excited. can’t wait to receive my medicine. What do i do next when I get the medicine. I also sent you an email.

  12. MaryJane Ireland

    Everything went as explained. I thank God for having a Family that helped me to buy the medicine. If your medicine was cheaper, I think a lot more people will buy, Just think of it, lower your prices and realize more sales. Just saying. Thanks for your help when I was using my medicine, I will for ever be thankful.

  13. Frank Glenny

    The only side effects I witnessed while using your medicine was that I slept alot. Now I see why you recommended me to use the medicine only in the evening. Thanks your company has really helped me.

  14. Ashu Carlson

    I’m a proud user of Ayurvedic Urea. I have bought twice. I used the 2 inches it worked and thats how I was fully convinced and then bought the 6 inches. No matter how much you’ve got if you are not happy, you still live in chains. A lot of people preach racism and lots of things, but the trauma short people go through. I still have some hate for my siblings for the way they treated me like I was not one of them. I’m focusing more on my life and business now.

  15. Killian New Jersey

    I took me a very long time, but I had to finally arrive at a positive solution. A lot of sellers, I never knew where to buy, or who to Trust. Then i saw the list of approved pharmacies, and Benzo Pharmacy happened to be in Denver CO where my aunty lives. She acknowledge to have been buying medicines from the pharmacy online, so I pleaded with her to verify the pharmacy. She called them and later visited and saw Uyurvedic Urea. that’s when we went ahead and transferred the funds to her. she bought and sent the medicine to me. I’m taller, and i don’t know if I should thank my Aunty or Benzo Pharmacy. But I will have to Thank God.

  16. Kürsat Germany

    I bought medicine and I used it. I am Happy that I am tall. I tell many other people here. Can you tell me if I get commision if I help you sell to another person here? I can help. Thanks

  17. Sam Andrian

    At first its confusing how someone could grow after 25. But when i did further research I read a lot of reviews about Ayurvedic Urea. now, I decided to try it. I followed the Instructions, and ended up buying, I can’t be any less grateful to Brian. He was in deed a good man. He help me a lot. Its good medicine. I have not witnessed any side effects.

  18. Grace Johnson

    Just wish to thank you for all your help. I have really witnessed significant change in my height. I’m still using my medicine.

  19. Judy Cypher

    My worst feeling growing up was that I was short, I was mocked at y my brothers, Class mates, I couldn’t cope with it any longer. so I decided to seek solutions, watched videos, they asked me to stretch, did all of that and yet no results. My Uncle who is based in the United States, heard I was greatly depressed and told my Dad about the Medicine. So we had find out more. For the First time I felt a great weight lifted off my soldiers. Finally, my dad decided to buy the medicine for me. My Uncle Talked with Doctors at ayurvedic URea and that’s how we go the medicine. I grew taller and was able to be respected like I was a normal person. Feels so bad being short.

  20. Micheal LA

    I received the Medicine, and the manual, I have been through and I don’t know what next to do now. I sent you a mail as well. I’m I to start using my medicine or is someone from your office supposed to call me?

  21. Peter J

    This is planet’s legit height increase fu– actually works guy whopping 1 inch 3 times incredible item. With this particular product 10000 price isn’t okay it should be somewhere around 50000 for a 1 inch and they need to make it someplace around precisely the same cost of thighs surgery. Incredible!

  22. Jacky NYC

    When I receive my Medicine, the manual That I was told will be in the package was not there, so I had to call to find out. I had to wait for another one week for the manual to arrive. I was really impatient. But after I got the manual, I received a call from Dr. Barry, and he guided me through out the process. Its been a year now, and I excited and my friends Family just bought for her following my recommendations and guide. I will not fail to tell any person about you guys if i have the chance to .

  23. Eder Ramon Melendez PR

    Muchas gracias. Mi hijo es alto ahora. Estoy muy agradecido Le diré a la gente sobre ti aquí. Gracias.

  24. Lisa Neng

    I’m writing this review just to thank Dr, Bernard for the help he gave me while i was using the medicine. I took my medicine seriously and though I slept earlier, and still got up and did my morning excises as recommended. I’m taller now. Thanks once again.

  25. Christiano Vargas

    Hello, my name is Christiano Vargas from Argentina. I had the $10000 herb version of ayurvedic urea for 26 months and all I gained was 3.5 inches height. I recommend everyone to Please choose powder or liquid because the herb making process is complicated a lot and you have to freeze it every time in your freezer. 2 years is a long time to stick with herb. Avoiding beers for 2 years is really harder.

  26. Carl Clarckson

    If only you have ever been short and know how people ignore just because you are not tall enough. I’ve never felt this belittled in my life. So when I was recommended to try ayurvedic Urea, I decided to consult my doctor here in Phoenix. He said he knows about the medicine and it works but its up to me to decide if I wish to use it or not. so I later discussed with my mom in regards to the Issue and bought the medicine. Some times it feels l should also mock short people, but I only have one advice, don’t hesitate to take any chance in life so far as its gonna make you happy.

  27. Giselle

    Everybody was against me buying the medicine. some said its growth hormones, some said it will not work. But I was done being short. I had the money and when I spoke with Brian and he explained to me that the Medicine is purely Natural with no side effects. I chose to buy. Its been a year since I used it and Look at me, I’m taller and I have never had any health problem related or resulting from using the medicine. I just want to say, don’t be short and let rumors deceive you. Else I will still be a short person now.

  28. Tina Bless

    What else can I say but thank you guys. I feel like going to the club everyday now. At first I could not stand the presence of a crowd feeling like the only sort person. Hurts to be short, wow. thanks

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