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Ayurvedic Urea 1 inches Powder  is world’s first legitimate height increasing and grow taller product which works guaranteed without any side effects on anyone who falls under 13-45 age group including transgender but is to some extent restricted to HIV victims and/or dwarfs.

More about Ayurvedic Urea 1 inches Powder

Ayurvedic Urea 1 inches Powder is the world’s first Legit grow taller and height increasing medicine that is of Indian origin. The Medicine, is a purely natural medicine and has been used by thousands, with 100% effective satisfying results with no side effects. The medicine is produced with earth’s rarest herb, which is know as Dhatrumurgasiniy. As a result of its scarcity, the medicine has become very expensive. In 2008, the Benzo Family, a Sino-American Research Company sign a partnership with Indian’s Bhutan local producing Firm to research and improve the production of Ayurvedic Urea. In 2010, we complete the process, and the Local Bhutan Indian Firm, was transformed into a Standard Research Center and manufacturing lab for Ayurvedic Urea. Today, the Medicine is strictly produced under our supervision and there are only a few Licensed distributors in the world. We are currently the sole and official Producer and seller of Ayurvedic Urea in India and the USA.

Though there are some minor local traditional practices that still exist, which cannot be controlled, but as at now, we are the sole manufacturers of ayurvedic Urea at Industrial Level that can be sold. The Medicine is produced and marketed in two Forms. Liquid and Powder. The medicine does not exist in tablet or capsule form, and any claims of that should be reported to us. As the official producer of Ayurvedic Urea, we have Licensed a few Pharmacies in the USA, through the Drug Enforcement Administration authorizing them to seller the Medicine. Some of them might charge prices higher than those on our website, based on their States or location.
Based on our Research the medicine cannot be used by every body, thus there a few conditions that have been set based on our Research and experiments over the years to determine who is Eligible to use the Medicine.

1) You must be between the Ages of 13 years and 45 years.
2) You must not be HIV positive.
3) You must not be a dwarf.

The forceful use of the medicine without qualifying as mentioned above might result to some unexpected reactions on your body which cannot be predetermined and we shall not be responsible.

When you purchase Ayurvedic Urea, the medicine comes with a complete user manual. Once you receive your Medicine one of our specialized doctors, will give you a call while you have the medicine and manual in hand, and will guide you more on consumption and dosage. You shall also, receive medical follow up by one of our professional doctors, through out the process, till you achieve you desire height increase.

4 Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Ayurvedic Urea 1 inches Powder

  1. Cynthia Los angeles

    I just received my medicine, was reading through the manual. I understood what it requires me to do. I’m I obliged to call Dr. Bernard before I start using the medicine?

  2. Jason F.

    Thanks, we received the tracking Number, we also received a call from FedEx, that was great. We are hoping to receive our package then. Thanks Dr. Im so excited right now. can’t wait to start using my medicine. Thanks

  3. Ethel

    I just order for my medicine. still waiting for it to arrive, if this works then i will tell everyone bout you guys. I have ready a lot of reviews, on different forums about you guys, watched your utube videos. I just hope this works for me. I can’t wait.

  4. Jimmy SC

    I’ve always felt like every body hated me. Some times I will seat in my room and cry. I almost dropped out of college because I could no longer bare the pressure coming from my class mates. It actually meant nothing to my dad as the District Attorney, hes was more concerned about his career and politics than family. My mom took it on her and out of stress resulting from my unhappiness, she had to explain the whole situation to our parish priest. The priest told her about the existence of Ayurvedic Urea, and gave us the link to this website. We made our first purchase that was to get to us in two days and never arrived. We had to call and it was due to delays in shipping, problem was rectified and my medicine finally got to me. I’m happy I actually grew taller and can go about my daily activities. I thank God for being my helper.

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